Zhongshan City, Sky Blue Mold Computer - Hc Net Machine Tool Industry

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I. A brief history

Zhongshan sky blue mold computer technical school by the azure sky blue mold factory and computer technology training school on August 15, 2005 merger, with a dream she will write a beautiful chapter!

Mold CNC training is her main business, we must die to make her become the first brand CNC training!

High-end IT technology (CCNA, LINUX, SQLSERVER, ACCESS, ASP. NET, DELPHI, VB / VC) is one of our key businesses, we are determined to create her IT skills training for Chinese brands !

II mission

Zhongshan sky blue mold to "training salary mold NC, IT technicians," responsibility, hope and innovation through the unremitting efforts to promote the China Automobile Technology, IT, technology industry, and the field of education and training in China to play an active role: the training market in the country, as in accordance with customer needs, provide first-class practice facilities and related services to learn and create for our customers trusted brand, while maintaining the company's healthy development and sustainable value for shareholders and employees to provide a good return .

Three goals

Become the first brand mold CNC training! China's IT skills training known brands! Training two years in a decade 5-10 million revenue mold CNC personnel, IT technicians!

4, entrepreneurship

Self-improvement, challenge the limit!

Market economy, competition among enterprises is the strength of the contest. Sky Blue's business and development process is down to earth, self-improvement, and constantly challenge the limits of history. Sky Blue's goal is to become the first brand to enter the industry, of course, sky blue are great gaps in the process towards one brand, sky blue is always a chaser, sky blue people believe: "No pain, no no gain "," never savior ", in the process of catching up, no short cuts, the only way is to pay more and put himself to, perseverance, indomitable. Without such a spirit, sky blue only picked up the pace on the first goal will be beyond the reach of the brand.

5, sky blue and cultural slogan

Feet on the ground, high aspirations! No excuses, only to find a way! Go all out, perfect!

Market-centered, results-oriented, and create more value-added services, training to build the Kingdom of Mold NC!

Communication NC with a strong, there is day, Zhongshan sky blue!

To Beijing officials discovered small, to Shenzhen to find less money, get married too early to Chongqing on the discovery, to learn CNC technology just Zhongshan sky blue!

School we plant one, more important practice to theory, not necessarily the greatest, but must be the strongest!

If not happiness, it must be happy! If you do not favor, it must be self-love! If you do not make excuses, we will certainly have the means! If you must succeed, you will succeed! Sky blue - is your bridge to success!

Sky blue - the NC's Whampoa Military Academy! China's West Point, NC! Kingdom of Tsinghua University Beijing University of NC!

Sky blue mold CNC "super undergraduate education", the oath and the North advance scientific!
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Zhongshan City, Sky Blue Mold Computer - Hc Net Machine Tool Industry

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This article was published on 2011/02/08