Sky Lanterns – A Graceful Choice for Any Special Event!

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A very common sight at every occasion nowadays like weddings, birthday and Valentine’s Day is Chinese sky lanterns it fits with every special occasion and it represents decorative items that make every person present in that event feel special. They are very popular in the Asian countries where their root lies like Thailand where special occasions are held revolving around them only. Globally they are gaining immense popularity now due to the enchanting affect they create over the viewers due to their look. These are believed to provide protection against evil spirits, bringing only good things to the person’s life once they are released into the sky. In addition to that, they do create pollution in any way. It’s a great alternative to all other lighting methods due to its environmentally-friendly nature. The visual exhibit offered is truly captivating, this is truly the reason why flying lanterns are often seen at wedding parties, birthday parties or marriage anniversaries. In many parts of the globe and in particular Asia, these are very popular decorating element at the time of New Year celebration.

Whether you know them as party sky lanterns or dragon sky lanterns, the truth is that these small objects have come very close to our heart and has made people hooked up to its beauty. We just love their sight whenever we see them, even when there is no special event. Some people refer them as sky candles; others call them with the name Thai Paper lanterns. They have so many names that it would take quite a lot of time to count them all. Online, you can gaze through various kinds of flying lanterns you have ever seen or imagined, trying to visualize how they would look while floating in the sky and making a special occasion into something hard to forget.

If you are thinking whether they are completely environmentally-friendly, you can send your thought for a vacation as these decorative items are completely biodegradable in nature and so does not in any way harms nature, but adds to the beauty of it when they are released. They are built from recycled paper and the lighting source is candles. For each of the lanterns that you will purchase, you will be given a safety guide and instructions on how to use these items safely. Talking about the options on hand while choosing it, you will be surprised as they are found in huge array of shapes, sizes and colours. However, you should be knowledgeable about the fact that there are factors that can influence the sky movement of these lanterns, including the weather. Both the height and the flying distance will be affected by atmospheric conditions.

Nowadays we can use Internet and visit online virtual stores that sell it and get to see firsthand how they look and avail discounted prices. With that we have the option to choose from many of those sites depending upon who gives us the best offer. You will be surprised with their diverse custom printing or designs made keeping in mind the taste of different individuals. There are white, alien, smiley, red and printed various types is opt for you; available in all sizes, with that you also have the flying lanterns shaped as a heart or a football. Custom printing is offered for all kinds of sky lanterns with which you can always print your company’s logo for advertising purposes. Of course, weeding sky lanterns, and party sky lanterns remain two of the favorite choices


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Sky Lanterns – A Graceful Choice for Any Special Event!

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This article was published on 2010/11/12