Sky Caddie G5 Review - Is it the Best Golf GPS For the Money?

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The Sky Caddie G5 is one of the best selling golf GPS devices on the market. And it's no wonder. With state-of-the-art GPS technology, the device can show how far you are from the green, and as you approach the green, it can actually show you the green and help you plot your next shot.

The main features of the Sky Caddie G5 are a large color display, which has automatic back lighting to help you see the screen in all light conditions. It comes with the manufacturer, Sky Golf's, patented "IntelliGreen" technology, which lets you measure the depth and shape of the green from any angle, on or off the fairway. It also gives you an aerial view of the green, your direct line of shot, and the distance from where your ball is to the pin.

There are thousands of courses you can download, although this requires an annual membership. There are three different levels of membership. This is all based on how many courses you want to download. If your course is not available, you can actually use the device to record the front, center, and back of each green. This only takes a few seconds. The Sky Caddie's memory can hold up to ten courses.

Every unit comes with a car charger, so you can charge it while driving to your course. The unit can keep a charge for up to fourteen hours. You can actually use it to chart your course, if it's not already included. You can chart bunkers, hazards, and everything else, if you want. Again, this doesn't take long to do. If you want to chart a course you often play, you can chart it on one round of play and keep that in the memory for the future. This charting feature is super easy and very quick.

The Sky Caddie G5 also comes with a distance feature, which will help you significantly in planning your shots, choosing the right club, and generally playing a better game. If you've ever overshot or undershot a green because of poor club selection, then you can see the benefit of this. (Who hasn't done that, right?)

The Sky Caddie G5 is solidly built so that it can withstand the rigors of golf. As you use the Sky Caddie, you'll notice that it actually will shave strokes off your game. A lot of golfers report an increased level of confidence with a device like the Sky Caddie G5. It really is like having your own electronic professional caddie. If you're considering buying a golf GPS, then you really do need to consider the Sky Caddie G5.

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Sky Caddie G5 Review - Is it the Best Golf GPS For the Money?

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Sky Caddie G5 Review - Is it the Best Golf GPS For the Money?

This article was published on 2010/03/27